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Career Coaching

Executive Career Accelerator Coaching Package

Ready to make the most of your current opportunities? Need a plan to advance in your current role? Fueling up to be a top contributor at your firm? This program is for you. Work 1:1 with a Career Protocol Senior Instructor to assess your experiences, strengths, preferences, and values and create your career game plan complete with next steps, development objectives, and relationship-building goals. When our work is done, you'll be sure you're chasing the growth opportunities that will be most rewarding for you.
  • Discovery
  • Download Your You Discovery Files
  • YOU: Success Inventory Part 1 & 2: Your Greatest Hits
  • YOU: Success Inventory Part 3: The Details
  • Call 1: Your Life Story
  • Your Life Story Discovery Call
  • Call 2: Your Strengths and Preferences
  • Your Strengths and Preferences Call
  • Game Planning
  • YOU: Your Career Wish List and Career Keywords
  • Career Wish List Guide
  • Career Wish List Word Template
  • YOU: Your Career Game Plan
  • Career Game Plan Workbook (Use this to integrate all your Career Insights)
  • Theory: Making Confident Choices: Crash Course in Post-MBA Jobs
  • Theory: Make Your Job Search Manageable
  • Call 3: Your Career Game Plan cALL
  • Your Career Game Plan Call
  • POSitioning
  • The MBA Resume Protocol
  • Communication Tool: Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Profile Protocol
  • Call 4: Your resource planning and performance review prep call
  • Your Resource Planning call
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed