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Authentic MBA

*Pre-MBA Career Coaching Package

You want to get into the best business school possible and you want to work hard in the year before you apply to ensure maximum success. We're gonna guide you step by step through all the ways you can grow as a person this year so you can be the best MBA you can be!
  • Let's Get this party started!
  • Leaders of Consequence Kick Off Call (30)
  • Leadership Intake Form
  • Relationships and Intellectual Horsepower
  • Your Support Network and Intellectual Horsepower Call (30)
  • The MBA Resume Protocol
  • Your Leadership profile
  • Leadership Profile and Rocking Your Resume Call (60)
  • Getting connected to schools
  • School Choice and Community Relationships Call (30)
  • Linkedin Profile Protocol
  • Ongoing Coaching
  • Ongoing Coaching Overview
  • Career Progression Coaching Call 1
  • Career Progression Coaching Call 2
  • Career Progression Coaching Call 3
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed